Hi, I'm Juliet! Front-end developer, UX enthusiast, and accessibility advocate.

I help small businesses and non-profits build a presence on the internet they can have power over. From building websites to setting up email marketing, and everything in between, I want to help you build the best online marketing for your company.

What I can do for you

I can start from scratch or help you rebuild. Whatever it is, I can help you through the process. I use the service that works best for your company in the long-run whether that be WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or something else entirely.

Need to set up email marketing or have an event you need landing page for? Let me get you set up.

Under the hood

Maybe you have some insider knowledge or did some research on things to look out for (that's wonderful!). Here's a sneak peak of the technologies and methods I use when assembling a project

Who I've worked with

Want to get a better idea of what I can do for you? Take a look through some of my past work and the clients I've worked with.

Contact Me

Whether you want to ask a question, are looking to work with me, or just want to say hi, reach out to me! I’d love to talk